I have had several new clients in the last few weeks and during their consultation for dermal fillers, there was a common theme

” I don’t want everyone to know”

“I don’t want to look like those celebrities ”

I start by asking what is it that bothers you when you look in the mirror? 

Sometimes after getting the answer fillers are not for that client.

By having fillers  changes will be made to how you look that is the purpose of having them.

However at PersonallyYou Medical Cosmetics I believe good knowledge of what having fillers will achieve and good honest realistic expectations can help clients understand the likely outcomes.

I strive to make my clients who have fillers look natural and continue to look like them a small amount of filler creates a subtle difference but it is all about creating change.

A little tip for facing your public after fillers: The art of distraction- get your hair done just before or after the treatment or get eye lash extensions so people see that not the change.

They will ask what’s different about you? You can say it’s my hair or I’ve had eyelash extensions . Genius